August 10th 2015 ICON Upgrade to 10.3 SP20

About this Upgrade:

ICON will be upgraded to a new version (10.3 SP20) on Monday, August 10th, 2015. This process will take about an hour, and should be completed by 9:00am that morning.  ICON will be online during the upgrade, and people will be able to use ICON while the updates are applied.

10.3 SP20 features a collection of bug fixes and minor interface changes, including:

  • Improved performance of Import/Export/Copy Components
  • Text-wrapping in Short Answer and Long Answer quiz questions
  • Discussion posts with no subject are now accessible with a “no subject” title in the subject line
  • Navbars and Homepages copied from one course to the next will be active upon import
  • Questions imported from the question library will retain their sort order
  • Images posted within discussion posts will be saved to course files
  • Improved connection stability when working with large files in Manage Files
  • Dropboxes successfully load when accessed from User Progress
  • The My Courses widget now has a dropdown menu for selecting a role.
  • The My Courses widget will change to a view of the last 10 accessed courses if you are in more than 100 courses for a specific role (instructor-designer, student, etc).

Contact the ITS Helpdesk at or at if you have any questions.

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