ICON 10.2 SP14


At 7:00am on Tuesday, September 30th 2014, ICON will have Service Pack 14. This service pack (SP) has a collection of bug fixes, as well as the new feature of restoring deleted discussion topics and forums from the interface.

No downtime is necessary for this service pack installation.

Issues fixed in SP14:

Issue Number Tool Resolution
PRB0044702 Calendar A loading state was introduced in Calendar to fix a lag that occurred when users tried to switch rapidly between Day/Week/Month views. Now, users see a loading state and the options to switch between views are disabled until the data for the current view has loaded.
PRB0043177 Calendar Users no longer receive an error when they click on a course name in calendar views.
PRB0041613 Checklist When viewed in Content, checklists now reflect reordering changes made to their items and categories.
PRB0043448 Dropbox NVDA screenreaders now read all the button texts on the dropbox submission page.
PRB0044313 Dropbox Users working in Chrome browsers can now upload files to dropbox folders successfully.
PRB0043551 External Learning Tools External Learning Tool links now can be deleted in just a course.
PRB0043379 File Management The upload progress indicator bar now displays correctly in the “Add a File” dialog Management regardless of how the file upload is initiated.
PRB0044726 Language Management Confirmation dialog buttons now correctly display localized versions of “Yes” and “No” Management text.
PRB0043875 Quizzes The database query to retrieve quiz progress for users in a course now minimizes the volume of data processed and no longer utilizes tempDB to process the data, which helps decrease web page load time.
PRB0044614 Release Conditions Override Release Conditions on Widget permission now checks release conditions on Conditions widgets at the org unit where the home page is displayed, and not at the orgunit where the homepage was originally created or shared from.
PRB0041908 Reporting Unnecessary leading space was removed in the column data of exported CSV reports.
PRB0043455 User Progress In User Progress, the time spent in Content correctly displays number of days in Progress addition to hours, minutes, and seconds.