Using completion tracking and viewing class and user progress

Completion tracking enables instructors to set the method of completion for an activity and provides progress indicators for students as they complete course activities.

  • Automatic Completion  Completion tracking that automatically determines whether users have completed a topic when they click to view it. For some activities, automatic tracking requires users to participate in a chat or discussion, submit a file or form, or complete an assessment such as a quiz or survey before completion is successful.
  • Manual Completion  Completion tracking that is manually set by users. Users can select the completion check box beside each content topic to indicate they have completed it. Although users can use manual tracking to indicate that they have accomplished a task before it is completed (e.g. selecting the completion check box beside a quiz activity before attempting the quiz at all), this does not affect assessment scores or user attempts counted towards an activity.

Note: Changing an automatically tracked topic to manual completion resets completion tracking for that topic. This means that users might have to return to the topic to mark it complete; users do not need to resubmit files or assessment activities.

Table of Contents

  1. Modify the completion tracking method for a topic
  2. Modify the completion tracking method for a module
  3. Set the default completion status for Content
  4. Viewing class and user progress

Modify the completion tracking method for a topic

  1. Do one of the following:
    • In the Table of Contents panel, click the module that contains the topic you want to modify.
    • Click the Table of Contents link to see all modules and their topics on one page.
  2. Locate the topic with the tracking method you want to edit, select Edit Properties in Place from the context menu, and select one of the following from the topic’s completion tracking drop-down list:
    • Automatic
    • Manual
    • Not Required

Modify the completion tracking method for a module

  1. Click the module you want to modify from the Table of Contents panel.
  2. Click Set All Completion Methods from the More Actions button.
  3. Choose a completion tracking method and click Update to update all topics in a module.

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Set the default completion status for Content

  1. Click Settings in the Content tool.
  2. Select one of the following from the Default Completion Status drop-down list:
    • Automatic
    • Manual
    • No Tracking
  3. Select Update all existing topics to use selected completion status to apply the default completion status to existing topics.
  4. Click Save.

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Viewing class and user progress

Each topic contains a Completion Summary with student completion tracking results that you can view directly in the Content interface.

The types of completion results depend on what the topic is: for example, completion tracking results for a dropbox folder indicate whether a student has submitted anything, while results for a file topic indicate whether a student has viewed the topic or not.

Click any of the available filters (for example, Completed and Incomplete) to only show students in either of those two categories.

View completion tracking results in Content for a topic

  1. Click the topic you want to view completion tracking results for.
  2. On the topic page, expand the Completion Summary (located below the topic).
The Completion Summary shows each user's progress for the topic in a table format. The Completion Summary is located within a topic, below its content.

The Completion Summary for a discussion topic

Note: In addition to the existing “Completed” and “Incomplete” filters, you can also filter users in the Completion Summary by the groups or sections you created within your course. For information about creating a group or section within your course, see Creating a group or Creating sections.

Access a user’s progress summary from Content

  1. In a topic’s Completion Summary, hover over a user’s profile display or click on the user’s profile picture.
  2. Click the User Progress link in the user’s profile badge.

Note: The Progress Summary page displays overall user progress results for the current course, not just the topic.

Access a user’s submission from Content

You can access the results of a user’s Quiz, Survey, or Dropbox submission directly from Content.

  • In the topic’s Completion Summary, click the user’s name.

Note: This option is only available if the user has made a submission to this topic.

Viewing class and user progress in User Progress

You can also view general information about completion tracking for all users from the Class Progress page, or the details of a user’s completion tracking from the User Progress page, both located in the User Progress tool. See About User Progress for more information.

If you click Content in the Reports area on the User Progress page, you can track how many visits a user makes to the Content tool, how much time is spent viewing course material, and how many topics were visited. Expand the report details under each module to find a further breakdown of a user’s actions. The expanded details show all topics and sub-modules within the module, how many visits the user made for each topic, and how much time was spent in each topic. Clicking on the module or topic’s name brings you to that module or topic in the Content tool.

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