ICON displays its primary navigation across the top of every page. The primary navigation includes two types of navigation bars in ICON: the minibar and the navbar. These navigation bars contain your course title, your username, and a set of links and link groups that help you navigate to different tools and pages.

Navigation help topics

Create a New Navbar

Update or Change Existing Navbars

Creating and Managing Custom Drop-down Link Groups

Access the Navigation & Themes tool

On the Course Home page of your ICON site

    • Click edit course iconEdit Course on the navbar, then click navigation themes iconNavigation & Themes.


The minibar always displays at the top of a page. It allows users to switch between course sites or return to ICON’s My Home homepage. The minibar also contains alerts specific to individual users and their courses; and a personal menu with links to profile, notifications, account settings, and progress.

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ICON’s navbar contains links to course-specific and ICON-wide tools and resources. Each course site has its own navbar that links to relevant tools for that course. You can create custom links and link groups if you want to include URL links to third-party tools and other areas of ICON.

Your specific department can share navbars across course sites to ensure consistent branding and navigation.  New course offerings use ICON’s default navbar.

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