Common Issues

Content viewer links don’t work

When looking at PDF, Word, or PowerPoint files in the in-line document viewer in ICON, links embedded in those files won’t be click-able.

To access the links, download the file to your computer, open it, and then click on the link.

PDFs are not displaying

If you are using Chrome to access your course content, there is a plugin that needs to be enabled. Type in chrome://plugins in your browser address bar and look for Adobe Reader. Enable this plugin, and check “Always allowed” for course content to be displayed properly.

IE 10 and 11 drag and drop to upload content

If you are using certain versions of IE10 or IE11, the drag-and-drop feature to upload files to the content area may not work.  If you encounter this, try using a different browser, or uploading files via the New > Upload File method.

Course site looks squished or doesn’t take up full page

ICON 10 now has a default width of 960 pixels. This helps with mobile displays, and accessibility. has info about this change.

I’m not able to log in with my (non-HawkID) ICON guest ID

For security reasons, there are two separate log in boxes on the ICON Dashboard. Users who are logging in with an ID that isn’t a HawkID should be selecting the “Non-UI Guests / Preview User Login” choice.

As a student, I don’t see my letter/text grade for a grade item

As the instructor, go into Grades > Settings > Org Unit (Student) Display Options > check the box ““.

Questions imported into my quiz from the Question Library are out of order

We do not yet have a full resolution for this issue. For some users, they are able to edit their quiz successfully at a later time or with a different browser, but this has not been consistent.

Cannot use the semester drop-down box on the ICON Dashboard on my iPhone/iPad

Update your device to the latest version of iOS. This includes a Safari update which resolves the issue.

Flash module in Chrome jumps down the page and is unusable

Student: Use a different browser
Instructor: Link to the flash file instead of embedding it

My registrar-affiliated course doesn’t exist in ICON.

There must be an instructor of record or course supervisor assigned to the course in MAUI/MyUI. After one is assigned, it takes ~48 hours for the course to be generated.

I am trying to enroll in an ICON training course through HRIS or a self-enrollment link, but when I try to access it, I get a “Not Authorized” error.

Contact the ITS Help Desk at and they will ask the ICON Support Team to manually enroll you in the course.

When I try to access the email tool, or compose an email message to students, I get a “Not Authorized” error.

This is an anti-cheating feature. You have a quiz in progress somewhere in ICON. Use the minibar notifications to find out which it is and access it. Submit the quiz and you will be able to access Email again.

I activated my course site, but the ICON Dashboard still says that the course is inactive

The Dashboard is still cached in your browser how it was when you first logged in. Log out of ICON through the Dashboard and log back in, and the course site status should be updated.

I’m receiving a “Not Authorized” error when trying to access my courses in Safari

We are aware of this issue at this time. Please try using another browser (Chrome or FireFox) if you are receiving this error.

My Dashboard still says I have unread discussion messages

The ICON dashboard will display a count of all discussion posts in the course, regardless if they can be seen by you. We are working on a fix for this.

I tried uploading to a dropbox but received an error message that said: “Oops, your file could not be uploaded.”

If you are uploading files without using the drag and drop feature, the maximum number of characters a file name can have is 128, including the file extension. You can read more about file restrictions here:

My downloaded file had its name changed to “DirectFileTopicDownload.” Can I fix this?

In Internet Explorer when downloading a content topic file, the name of the file is changed to “DirectFileTopicDownload”. This makes it more difficult for your computer to find the correct program to open the file in. To fix this, please add “” to Compatibility View Settings.

I want to see a list of all users – with AND without submissions – in my dropbox. How can I do this?

To change the displayed list of dropbox submissions to include users even without submissions, change the Submissions drop down menu to Show everyone. Then click the Magnifying Glass icon beside the search box. has more information on this topic.

I’m receiving the error “Unable to retrieve settings from the Respondus server. Please try again later. Error code: 0x0001” when I try to access a quiz in Lockdown Browser

Receiving this error means that you may have accessed this quiz from the “# open quizzes” link next to your course listings on the ICON Dashboard. Please follow the steps below to correctly access a quiz within Lockdown Browser:

  1.  Launch Lockdown Browser
  2.  Log in to ICON
  3.  On the ICON Dashboard, click “Main Site – [Course Name]” to enter the course site containing the quiz
  4.  Click “Quizzes” in the navigation bar
  5.  Click to enter the quiz that requires Lockdown Browser
  6.  Click “Start Quiz” and begin your quiz