January 6th 2016 ICON Upgrade to 10.3 SP22

About this Upgrade:

ICON will be upgraded to a new version (10.3 SP22) on Wednesday, January 6th, 2016. This process should be completed by 9:30am that morning.  ICON will be online during the upgrade, and people will be able to use ICON while the updates are applied.

10.3 SP22 features a collection of minor bug fixes including:

  • SCORM icon in the Gradebook no longer returning a 500 error
  • Improved sorting in Discussion Statistics
  • Copy Course Components will copy over release conditions for Rubrics

Contact the ITS Helpdesk at its-helpdesk@uiowa.edu or at http://its.uiowa.edu/contact if you have any questions.

For a more detailed list of changes in this version of ICON, visit the links below:

SP21: https://community.brightspace.com/resources/documentation/learning_environment/brightspace_103_sp21_fixed_issues_list

SP22: https://community.brightspace.com/resources/documentation/learning_environment/brightspace103sp22fixedissuesdocx

August 10th 2015 ICON Upgrade to 10.3 SP20

About this Upgrade:

ICON will be upgraded to a new version (10.3 SP20) on Monday, August 10th, 2015. This process will take about an hour, and should be completed by 9:00am that morning.  ICON will be online during the upgrade, and people will be able to use ICON while the updates are applied.

10.3 SP20 features a collection of bug fixes and minor interface changes, including:

  • Improved performance of Import/Export/Copy Components
  • Text-wrapping in Short Answer and Long Answer quiz questions
  • Discussion posts with no subject are now accessible with a “no subject” title in the subject line
  • Navbars and Homepages copied from one course to the next will be active upon import
  • Questions imported from the question library will retain their sort order
  • Images posted within discussion posts will be saved to course files
  • Improved connection stability when working with large files in Manage Files
  • Dropboxes successfully load when accessed from User Progress
  • The My Courses widget now has a dropdown menu for selecting a role.
  • The My Courses widget will change to a view of the last 10 accessed courses if you are in more than 100 courses for a specific role (instructor-designer, student, etc).

Contact the ITS Helpdesk at its-helpdesk@uiowa.edu or at http://its.uiowa.edu/contact if you have any questions.

For a more detailed list of changes in this version of ICON, visit the links below:

10.3 SP14 –  https://community.brightspace.com/resources/documentation/learning_environment/learningsuite103servicepack14fixedissuespdf  and https://community.brightspace.com/resources/documentation/learning_environment/learningsuite103servicepack14featurepackreleasenotespdf

10.3 SP15 – https://community.brightspace.com/resources/documentation/learning_environment/brightspace103sp15fixedissueslist

10.3 SP16 – https://community.brightspace.com/resources/documentation/learning_environment/brightspace103sp16fixedissueslist

10.3 SP17 – https://community.brightspace.com/resources/documentation/learning_environment/brightspace103sp17fixedissueslist

10.3 SP18 – https://community.brightspace.com/resources/documentation/learning_environment/brightspace103sp18fixedissueslist

10.3 SP19 – https://community.brightspace.com/resources/documentation/learning_environment/brightspace103sp19fixedissueslist

10.3 SP20 – https://community.brightspace.com/resources/documentation/learning_environment/brightspace103sp20fixedissueslist


End of the Semester – Grades FAQ

The end of the semester is upon us and that means that grades will soon be due. In order to hopefully make the grade submissions as simple as possible, here are some Frequently Asked Questions in regards to final grades with links to our documentation.

 How do I calculate the final grade?



How to I manually recalculate the final grade?



How do I release the final grades to my students in ICON?



 How do I upload the final grades from ICON to MAUI?



 If you have any other questions regarding the Gradebook or any other part of ICON, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 319-384-4357 or via email at its-helpdesk@uiowa.edu.

January 2015 ICON Upgrade


ICON will be upgraded to a new version (10.3 SP13) on Tuesday January 6th, 2015.

The January 2015 upgrade is smaller in scale and impact than the May 2014 ICON upgrade was, but the new version does introduce several bug fixes, a few minor interface changes, and some new features.

ICON will be offline on Tuesday January 6th, 2015 from 7:00am to 4:00pm while the system is upgraded.

There won’t be any work instructors or students have to do to convert their settings or courses to use the new version of ICON.  Anything that currently exists in ICON will be there after the upgrade.

With a system that is as widely used as ICON, there is never a good time to take the system offline.  The January 6th date was chosen after consultation with several campus groups (SCIT, ICON Steering Committee, ICON Collegiate Admins, etc).

Contact the ITS Help Desk (http://its.uiowa.edu/contact) if you have questions or concerns about this upgrade.


Changes in ICON 10.3 SP13


    • Action buttons (Save, Cancel, Publish, etc) now appear in a tray at the bottom of the screen across all tools.
      ICON 10.3 save and close tray
    • The My Courses widget now searches all keywords independently.
      • Previously, the search option used an exact phrase match.
      • The new update aligns with the Course Selector search behavior in the minibar, and ensures users can perform the same search from multiple locations and receive consistent results.
    • URLs entered in the HTML editor will be automatically converted to a link.
      ICON 10.3 html editor and url
    • Screenreaders no longer falsely announce changes to dates as if they were live regions.


        • Students can now receive email or text notifications when new content is uploaded.
        • If instructors haven’t uploaded content yet, a welcome message is displayed prompting them on specific actions.
          ICON 10.3 content prompt
        • The navigation buttons have slightly changed in the collapsible navigation panel.
          ICON 10.3 content nav
        • The page forward and backward buttons are now displayed above and below the inline document viewer.
        • The maximum file size for uploading a file to the content tool has been increased from 500MB to 1GB.
        • PDF files now display using a PDF viewer (if you have a viewer installed for your browser), otherwise, the document viewer is used.
        • Insecure content links (http) now automatically convert to secure links (https), or are set to open as external links in a new window to help mitigate blocked content errors caused by browser security changes.
        • The manage files tool displays a message when uploading duplicate files.
        • Performance improvements for courses with more than 100 content topics.


        • If the instructor enables discussion voting, students can vote discussion threads up or down.
          ICON 10.3 discussions
        • A few minor layout adjustments:
          • A collapsible navigation panel (along the left hand side of the page) for easier navigation was added.
          • In a discussion thread, replies now show the date the reply was posted instead of an approximation.
        • Sorting and filtering options are now preserved when navigating through a discussion by using the browser’s Back button.


        • A bug was fixed that prevents instructors not enrolled in a section from opening files uploaded by students who are enrolled in a section.


        • When editing a quiz, options for configuring the quiz have been reorganized onto different tabs.
          • The Layout/Questions tab has been removed, and questions in a quiz now show on the Properties tab.
          • Associating a quiz with a grade item, allowing automatic export, and adding a rubric have moved to the Assessment tab.  Setting quiz attempts has also moved to the Assessment tab.
        • Previously, the Quizzes tool communicated that a quiz was always available to users by including the word “Always” on the Quiz List page.  The language term “Always” is now made clearer by renaming it to “Always Available” in the following areas:
          • Main quizzes list page
          • List of users granted special access in Quizzes
          • Main surveys list page
          • List of users granted special access in Surveys
        • ICOn 10.3 quiz countdownThe “Time Remaining” clock in a quiz now displays seconds as well as minutes and hours to provide better information to users taking a quiz. The clock also subtly flashes for the following times:
          • If a quiz is set for more than an hour long, the clock flashes when there are 10 minutes remaining.
          • If a quiz is set for less than an hour long, the clock flashes when there are 5 minutes remaining.
          • Regardless of the set timer, the clock flashes when there is 1 minute remaining.  If the quiz uses an unenforced time limit and displays a clock, the timer ticks upwards instead of downwards to indicate how much time has been spent.  ARIA alerts are also available for non-visual users.


  • When adding a grade item to a dropbox assignment in Content, the correct list of available grade schemes is now displayed.

ICON 10.2 SP14


At 7:00am on Tuesday, September 30th 2014, ICON will have Service Pack 14. This service pack (SP) has a collection of bug fixes, as well as the new feature of restoring deleted discussion topics and forums from the interface.

No downtime is necessary for this service pack installation.

Issues fixed in SP14:

Issue Number Tool Resolution
PRB0044702 Calendar A loading state was introduced in Calendar to fix a lag that occurred when users tried to switch rapidly between Day/Week/Month views. Now, users see a loading state and the options to switch between views are disabled until the data for the current view has loaded.
PRB0043177 Calendar Users no longer receive an error when they click on a course name in calendar views.
PRB0041613 Checklist When viewed in Content, checklists now reflect reordering changes made to their items and categories.
PRB0043448 Dropbox NVDA screenreaders now read all the button texts on the dropbox submission page.
PRB0044313 Dropbox Users working in Chrome browsers can now upload files to dropbox folders successfully.
PRB0043551 External Learning Tools External Learning Tool links now can be deleted in just a course.
PRB0043379 File Management The upload progress indicator bar now displays correctly in the “Add a File” dialog Management regardless of how the file upload is initiated.
PRB0044726 Language Management Confirmation dialog buttons now correctly display localized versions of “Yes” and “No” Management text.
PRB0043875 Quizzes The database query to retrieve quiz progress for users in a course now minimizes the volume of data processed and no longer utilizes tempDB to process the data, which helps decrease web page load time.
PRB0044614 Release Conditions Override Release Conditions on Widget permission now checks release conditions on Conditions widgets at the org unit where the home page is displayed, and not at the orgunit where the homepage was originally created or shared from.
PRB0041908 Reporting Unnecessary leading space was removed in the column data of exported CSV reports.
PRB0043455 User Progress In User Progress, the time spent in Content correctly displays number of days in Progress addition to hours, minutes, and seconds.

New course numbers coming to Fall14 sites in ICON

The University of Iowa has moved to a new course numbering system for registrar courses.  Fall 2014 courses in ICON will be updated to use the new course numbers.

When you log in to ICON, your list of courses on the ICON Dashboard will show the new and old course numbers, in the following format:

Course Name New Course Number (Old Course Number)

For an example of what courses will look like on the ICON Dashboard:

example ICON dashboard with new numbers


When you visit a course homepage, only the new course number will be displayed at the top of the page:

example ICON course with new numbers


If your instructor has renamed the course from the default name, then the course won’t be updated to show the new course numbers.  Courses from Summer 2014 and before will still have the old number.


For more information about the course numbering change, see http://www.registrar.uiowa.edu/registrar/catalog/academicsatiowa/coursenumbering/ or https://wiki.uiowa.edu/display/mauihelp/Course+Renumbering+Levels+and+Rules+November+20%2C+2013+memo.


Fall14 Training for Teaching and Learning Tools

The Office of Teaching, Learning, & Technology will offer training sessions Wednesday, August 13th through Thursday, August 21st, 2014. If you need to “get started” or would simply like a refresher, join us for any or all sessions. We are also happy to set up individual appointments as well.

All training sessions will be held in the University Capitol Centre Training room (located on the second floor of the UCC and will cover the following topics:

ICON Overview
Tuesday, August 12th  8:30 am -10:30 am

Clickers (Macintosh Only)
Wednesday, August 13th 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Clickers (Windows Only)
Thursday, August 14th 9:30 am – 11:30 am

UICapture/Panopto Lecture Capture – (Macintosh Only)
Monday, August 18th 9:30-11:30 am

UICapture/Panopto Lecture Capture – (Windows Only)
Wednesday, August 20th 9:30-11:30 am


The following sessions are still being offered, but have no more space available.

Wednesday, August 13th 9:30 am – 11:30 am

Thursday, August 14th 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Tuesday, August 19th 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Wednesday, August 20 – 1:30-3:30 PM

Thursday, August 21st 9:30 am – 11:30 am

For complete session descriptions, visit the ITS Training Website at

To learn more about the Office of Teaching, Learning, and Technology, visit http://teach.its.uiowa.edu

New Help Center

Welcome to the ICON Help Center!

As part of the upgrade to ICON 10, we are implementing a new documentation platform, designed to quickly give you access to the things you need.  Here are some highlights:

  • Great search functionality
  • Improved mobile view
  • Dedicated Instructor and Student sites
  • Helpful sidebar including:
    • Help Desk contact info
    • Feedback link
    • Related pages
    • Most popular content


We’re excited about ICON 10 and hope you are too!  If you have any suggestions or comments, click on the feedback link in the sidebar!