In ICON’s Content tool, you can access course materials, see important dates in the Upcoming Events section, and bookmark materials you would like to highlight or read in the future. You can also monitor your progress on topics contained within your course.

Content help topics

Access the Content tool

Click content_book Content on the navbar.

With the Content tool, you can:

screenshot of content layout

    • 1content_course_overview Overview:  See an overview of the course and information about course expectations.
    • 1content_addbookmark Bookmarks:  Lists the topics that you bookmark. Click the 1content_addbookmarktopicAdd Bookmark icon while viewing a topic to add it to your bookmarks list. The number beside the Bookmarks link indicates how many bookmarks you added within the course.
    • 1content_upcomingevents Upcoming Events:  See course material due dates, start dates, end dates, and other course events for the next seven days. Dates listed on this page are not exclusive to Content topics; upcoming events include all events within the course from the Calendar tool. The number beside the Upcoming Events link indicates how many upcoming events you have.
    • content_tableofcontents Table of Contents:  Browse course materials and assignments here. The number beside a module listed in the Table of Contents panel indicates how many topics within the module you need to complete. The number decreases as you work through course materials.

Course materials your instructor may post on the Content page include documents, images, media files, CaptureCast presentations, URL links, and course activities (e.g. chat, checklists, discussions, dropbox folders, forms, quizzes, self assessments, and surveys).