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Information Technology Services at The University of Iowa

Request a new ICON course site

What type of course site are you requesting?

Registrar-affiliated course site

  • For sites affiliated with University courses that are tracked by the Office of the Registrar. These course sites will receive automatic enrollment of instructors (from MAUI records) and students (from Registrar data). Course records held by the Registrar and the MAUI system must be up-to-date. Course sites will remain invisible to students until an instructor marks them "active".
  • Click here to request a Registrar-affiliated course site on ICON.

Development course site

  • For development and test purposes. Development course sites can be used to develop course content, quizzes, etc. for courses that have not yet been scheduled, or whose records have not yet been filed with the Registrar and/or OSIRIS. The contents of a development course site can be easily copied to a Registrar-affiliated course site in the future; click here for instructions.
  • Click here to request a development course site on ICON.

Non-Registrar course site