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Information Technology Services at The University of Iowa

Making Your ICON Course Active


Making Your ICON Course Active

By default, your ICON course is unavailable to students; they cannot access it even though their names may appear in the Classlist. This is to allow you time to prepare the site before students start using it.

To make your course active (available to students):

  1. Click Edit Course in the NavBar.

  3. Click on Course Offering Information.

  4. Click to place a checkmark in the IsActive box.

  6. Click Save.

Making your course unavailable at the end of the term allows you to keep the students’ data without allowing them access. To make the course unavailable (students can no longer access it from their MyHome page or the Dashboard), click to remove the checkmark from the IsActive textbox.

Courses that are inactive will have this icon next to them. When you activate the course, the exclamation point icon will disappear, indicating that the course is active and the students can access it.

15 March 2011